Firearm Transfers

Currently we’re accepting firearms for transfers to Pennsylvania Residents. To arranged transfer with us, please, call us at 610-438-4780 or e-mail us at Please, include your phone number so we can call you back to verify what firearm we will be receiving.


  • All Buyers (United States Citizens) are required to present valid driver’s license or state issued ID card with current address, or an address update card. Non-US Citizens are also required to provide United States Permanent Resident Card (Green Card).
  • All Firearm Sales are subject to $5 Pennsylvania Instant Check Fee. Any Denied/Research or Cancelled transactions are subject to a $100 Fee.
  • We offer FREE background check to Customers with Valid Pennsylvania License To Carry Firearms purchasing any gun from us.


    • We offer firearms transfers ONLY to Pennsylvania Residents with valid PA Driver’s License/Identification Card. Any transfer Mon-Fri only $45* (*$25 for every additional gun on the same 4473 form). Due to busy Saturdays we prefer avoiding transfers on that day. If this is the only day you can make it, please call us and we’ll try to schedule the transfer on Saturday in the morning (less crowded) hours.
    • For person-to-person transfers both parties must be present and posses a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License with a current  address.
    • All transfers must be compliant with Pennsylvania and Federal law.
    • Due to heavy volume of firearms received for transfers, all guns will be available for pickup up to two weeks after receiving it at the store.
    • If firearms are received without any paperwork, we will not transfer the firearm until we receive proper documentation and log-in the firearm.
    • The customer is expected to pick up their firearm within 20 days of it being delivered to us.
      We do not contact customers to let them know their transfer has arrived. Please, check the tracking information. If it says the firearm has been delivered, please, call us and we will schedule an appointment for transfer.
    • After 20 days, if the transfer has not been picked up, the customer will be assessed a weekly storage fee of $20 beginning on the 20th day.
    • After 90 days, if the firearm has not been picked up, the firearm will be considered abandoned and it will be absorbed into store stock with no expectation of any further compensation to the customer.
    • When contacting the seller please, remind them to include good quality (preferably high resolution) copy of their FFL and firearm information. Please, no low resolution images taken in dark conditions. If we can’t read it, we can’t log the gun in.
    • If the seller of the firearm is NOT an FFL dealer, seller must include the copy of her/his driver’s license with the firearm shipped to us.
    • All firearms shipped must require adult signature. We will not be responsible for packages left at the mailbox or outside our store.


  • We ship firearms to all states where the firearms are legal to own. Please, know your state laws before ordering a firearm or contact your FFL dealer and find out if you can legally own specific firearm.
  • We accept Money Orders, and all major credit cards. All prices shown on this website are “CASH DISCOUNT PRICES” and reflect a discount of 3% for cash payment by bank money order.
  • We ship all the firearms using Insured United States Postal Service Priority Mail only.
  • All firearms must be shipped to an FFL dealer only. We must receive the copy of the FFL license before shipping the gun.
  • It’s buyer’s responsibility to contact their FFL dealer and asking them to provide us with the copy of their FFL license.
  • If we do not receive the copy of the FFL withing two weeks, we will charge the storage fee of $30 a month.
  • If the buyer cancels the order after 24 hours, there will be 15% restocking fee. If we do not receive the valid copy of the FFL within two months, you will be automatically charged storage fee and restocking fee and your order will be canceled. There will be NO REFUNDS issued after 6 months.
  • If for any reason your FFL dealer has to return the firearm to us (except for being damaged during shipment), we will charge 50% restocking fee. Buyer is responsible for return shipping fees.
  • Please, make sure you want the gun before paying for it.
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