Produced since 1993, USP is a workhorse of polymer frame guns. Available in many variations. Most common DA/SA is my favorite to shoot. With addition of one piece safety/decocker (Variant 1) and Tritium night sights it’s a perfect choice for a full size gun. 45 ACP models keep their value, followed by 9mm Luger and .40 S&W at the end due to available number of police trade-ins. They can look scratched up, but they will ALWAYS shoot.

Caliber: 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, .45ACP
Reliability: Gun fired every time. No mechanical malfunction.
Accuracy: Very consistent
Recoil: You can shoot this gun all day long (even .45ACP). Amazing for a polymer frame gun weighting under 1.75 lbs. More pleasant to shoot than some full size steel frame guns.
Fun Factor: It’s an HK. Well made, easy to control, reliable.
Ease of Disassembly:
Pull the slide, remove the disassembly latch. One piece guide rod/recoil spring is a plus.
Value: HKs are some of the most expensive polymer frame guns on the market, but are worth every penny
Features we like: Safety decocker all in one, polygonal rifling. Magazines are easy to obtain
Features we dislike: Large grip size, but still surprisingly comfortable because of aggressive texture
Overall impression
: One of our favorite polymer frame guns
$400 police trade-in, $600 pre-owned, $850 new

Quality and Finish
Ease of Disassembly
Ease of Cleaning
Overall impression

Reviewed by: Peter

Last Modified: September 6, 2015